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Risk & Reward E21

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Chuck McDanal

February, 2022

For our 50th podcast, we have Chuck McDanal from Studio C Solutions back to discuss his book regarding the business of adulting, living in a world of people, and being okay with the grey areas of your life.

In this episode we cover:

  • The book writing process (2:35)
  • How do you see people as they relate to following instructions in day-to-day life (11:00)
  • Why you should keep “tweaking” you year after year (17:54)
  • Chuck’s pre-college job on a lobster boat and what it taught him (19:00)
  • Discussion on the chapter, “Free Speech Isn’t Free” and why it’s important (21:05)
  • Bad mouthing people not only makes you look bad it hurts others (26:00)
  • In life you must pick your battles (28:00)
  • Stop living a life that hasn’t happened yet and be in the moment (29:20)
  • Does the pace of the world today make training others more difficult (34:20)
  • What Chuck learned about himself in writing this book (37:27)

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Books Mentioned in this Show:

Human Training: A User Guide to You, By Chuck McDanal

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Chuck McDanal – Owner & Manager, Studio C Solutions
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