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Treat One Another with Dignity and Respect in concert with our belief that mutual trust and confidence will drive pride and performance.

2018 Recognition To:

Megan Tysver

An associate sent us a message about Megan and here is what he/she said: “Megan is very quiet, but she is the one who helps whoever needs it at the copier. She quietly fills the water pitcher every day. She handles her challenging clients with patience and professionalism She always looks lovely and professional. “I would think it easy to be able to miss recognizing her because of her quiet spirit, but hopefully those who work near her notice, as well.” Megan is that and so much more. She is compassionate and supportive when others need help treating others like responsible, well-intended, competent adults. She also never hesitates to recognize others for good ideas and a job well done. So please accept our thanks, Megan, for your belief that mutual trust & confidence will drive pride and performance.






Megan Tysver


Strive to Find a Better Way regardless of how proud we are of what we do and how we do it. We never settle for status quo and we hold one another accountable for continuous improvement in performance.

2018 Recognition To:

Cynthia Marotz

Cynthia is not afraid of change and with that often means striving to find a better way. She has taken the lead in organizing our Sales Meetings and she does a phenomenal job at that. How can we do our business better and more efficiently? How can we incorporate that in our outreach to our community? That is what Cynthia is doing. She’s bringing in experts, wholesalers, and even hosting meetings offsite if necessary. An associate said: “Cynthia is always trying to strengthen the firm and her team. She encourages others to try new things (for example, social media) and not be afraid to get out there.” I know she doesn’t announce it, but she has also attended several seminars, forums, etc. outside of the firm to broaden her professional horizons. For that we thank you, Cynthia Marotz, for never settling to maintain the status-quo.






Maintain the Highest Levels of Integrity, understanding that our decisions and actions are driven, first and foremost, by our uncompromising commitment to do the right thing.

2018 Recognition To:

Rose Dilecce

What does it mean to maintain the highest levels of integrity? It means that our decisions and actions are driven, first and foremost by our uncompromising commitment to DO THE RIGHT THING. Rose does this each and every day both inside and outside of work. Rose holds herself accountable to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. An associate said this about Rose: “When I call Rose for anything, I know I am going to get an honest, thoughtful response. If she says she will do something, I know without a doubt that she will. I can ALWAYS count on her.”  Rose’s motives are always transparent, and she always represents the Firm’s integrity during and after business hours. Again Rose, thank you for your uncompromising commitment to do the right thing.





Make a Profound and Positive Difference in the lives of our employees, clients, and communities that we serve.

2018 Recognition To:

Kathy French

I cannot think of a more deserving individual for this award this year. Kathy has made a profound and positive difference in the lives of our employees, our clients, and in the community in which she serves. Not only does Kathy volunteer for just about every community project that Allen & Company sponsors, she dedicates most of her free time to it as well. Even more so, she does much of this quietly and under the radar. Did you know that Kathy won volunteer parent of the year for Teneroc High School or that she and her daughters served at a camp for foster children? The list could go on and on, but you won’t hear Kathy singing her own praises. An associate sent in a message. It reads: “…she is a single mother of three who works full-time, but somehow still manages to give her time to her church and community. I also know that she has attended a number of 5ks on behalf of Allen & Co….it seems like whenever you talk to her about what she has going on over the weekend, she is helping with something at a child’s school or a fundraiser for someone in need.” On behalf of Allen & Company, thank you Kathy for doing the right thing and making a profound and positive difference in the lives of our employees, our clients, and the community which we serve.






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