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Beyond Dollars & Sense

After more than 25 years of sharing the Dollars & Sense radio program with you, we hope you have enjoyed and learned some things along the way from our show. This next chapter is our way of taking something we loved doing and bring it to a larger audience. It’s all about finding ways to become a better partner with you.

Beyond Dollars & Sense dives into the periphery of financial planning. Sometimes, life can get a little complicated. And, all areas of life tend to overlap, right? So, how do we glide through those times while planning for the future? Our life path is not always linear. In fact, if yours is, please let us know!

Like, how does my overall health translate into how I make decisions about my long-term plan? Am I mentally, physically and financially fit? What about politics and financial planning? How DO I navigate those dicey waters? Does my career and the amount of joy I get from that career play a part in the financial equation beyond just my yearly income and benefits package? Is there a community effort that I want to support or continue to support?

These podcasts are for people living an intentional life and want to move through the inevitable challenges with agility.
Many of the advisor podcasters you will hear from are also bloggers here at Allen & Company. So, get comfy and tune in!