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Hunter here, residential (millennial) financial advisor on the McTaggart Team.  Millennials are often referred to as one of the more tech savvy generations.  But let’s face it.  The velocity of change in the tech stratosphere has all our heads spinning.

Is there a day that goes by without needing to consult Google on some tech issue either at work or home?  If you are anything like me, those days are slim.  Regardless of your business, working inside or outside of home, or if you are in school, there always seems to be a need to research where tech intersects/interrupts everyday life. I know how helpful it would be for me to have a single resource to help solve these challenges.

Although that source outside of a Google, Youtube or Chat GPT search doesn’t exist today, I have no doubt that it will someday. Someone, somewhere is working on it as we speak!  In the meantime, my goal is to be a resource to tackle some of those tasks, or even breakdown the complexities of new technologies and what’s to come.

Let’s take some of the sting out these tasks, and maybe even enjoy the ride together!

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