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Welcome to “The Long View”, my perspectives, insights and inspirations on everything from our financial journey through different stages in life, the joys of travel and the importance of maintaining wellness at any age.  I am a husband, and father of a recently married daughter and a son in college, navigating an empty nest.  You may have already been there, or perhaps are headed in that direction.  Regardless, my hope is “The Long View” will resonate with you along your own unique journey.

In “The Long View”, my focus is entirely on the paths we are taking together.  Family values will be at the heart of this blog, along with my quest to be a better man of faith, husband, father, son, and friend, and the profound significance this quest has in my life.  Join me as we prepare for life’s twists and turns through our financial journeys, while always looking with a perspective of “The Long View.”

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