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Charitable Giving & Gifting

It’s important to give back to our local communities and to the world. Perhaps you have charitable dreams of your own?

What is charitable giving?

You might want to sponsor an aspiring college student who is working in a field you support or admire, and want to have a hand in changing the future world. Possibly you’re looking to fund the restoration of a historic landmark or park, as part of an effort to preserve your local history. Or, you’re looking to provide assistance to a valuable community shelter. An Allen & Company financial advisor can help you provide for the qualified charitable organizations of your choice — while helping to reduce your taxable estate at the same time.

Benefits of charitable giving

Giving back to our local communities is very important for us, and our employees — and we want to help our clients who wish to give back in the same way. The gifts of charitable giving are many, and go beyond the financial benefits: it can improve your sense of well-being and connection, and even help give you a new sense of purpose. It can leave a legacy for your children or grandchildren to follow when it comes time for their own financial plans, too!

Get started on your charitable journey

Many of our clients love helping the community and want to know the different ways to contribute. This where Allen & Company comes in! Your financial advisor strategically shows you different avenues for charitable giving that fit within your overall investment plans. For example, whether it’s best to give a one-time donation or periodic donations to your favorite charities or heirs — and whether it’s best to donate tax-deferred assets (such as with a QCD) or other assets. Additionally, our advisors leverage their partnerships with CPAs and tax advisors alike to discuss the potential tax benefits of charitable giving.