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William “Bill” Slover, author of The Real Value blog, has extended his wit and candor to the recording studio.  The Real Value podcast, part of the Beyond Dollars & Sense series, is a collection of significant conversations both large and small.

From his early days of law enforcement to financial planning today, service has always been important to Bill, with the single common denominator of helping people.  We are surrounded by stories.  Finding humanity in spaces forgotten or unseen is brought to light through this series and shared in an intentional, yet warm exchange of thought.

Engaging in storytelling through conversations with his guests, Bill brings insight to timeless as well as current topics of interest. He feels, that collectively, our ‘real value’ can be found through the inspiration and mindful ways we share this experience of life.

Bill’s home base is Brevard County, Florida since 1981 where he provides financial planning services with Team Devoted at Allen & Company.

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