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Real Value E3 with Dr. Jack Cassell

Hosted by: William Slover Special guest: Dr. Jack Cassell

September, 2022

For Prostate Cancer Awareness month, we have Dr. Jack Casell as our guest in this episode. He discusses when to start testing, the facts all men should know and the best treatments available for patients.

In this episode we cover:

  • With September being Prostate Awareness Month, what should every man be aware of regarding prostate cancer (1:44)
  • A patient’s PSA is going to go up well before the prostrate gets a bump on it (3:58)
  • In Africa, prostate cancer is unheard of, but what happens when Africans come to the United States (5:19)
  • Even without a family history, males should consider testing early (8:43)
  • There are no symptoms of prostate cancer (10:00)
  • What are the next steps once cancer is suspected (11:37)
  • Once cancer is determined via a biopsy, where do you go next with the patient (11:58)
  • Let’s talk about genomic testing (18:04)
  • The different treatment options available and what Dr. Cassell does with his patients (22:00)
  • What Dr. Cassell focuses on as the best course of treatment and why (25:04)
  • How the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU procedure is done (27:16)
  • Bill shares his HIFU recovery (37:51)

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Dr. Jack Cassell
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