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Real Value E2 with the Shriners

Hosted by: William Slover Special guest: Brian Johns & Mitch Locan

September, 2022

We have two members of the Shriners in the studio for this episode, Brian Johns and Mitch Locan, to discuss all the beautiful things this group does for children in need. Grab your tissues and get ready to hear heartwarming and life-changing stories about needy children.

In this episode we cover:

  • The Shriners celebrate the 150th anniversary in 2022 (3:30)
  • The history of the Shriners Hospital for Children (5:27)
  • How do the Shriners participate in transporting the children that need treatment at a hospital (7:55)
  • Mitch relays one of his first transport stories about a 7-year-old patient getting prosthetic legs (10:17)
  • Brian’s “Ah Ha” story with the Shriners (13:44)
  • How the group is building partnerships to make medical care more accessible (15:40)
  • How many kids are served by the Shriners (19:40)
  • What is the process to get help (21:45)
  • The Shriners have developed new treatments, technologies, and techniques to take care of burns (23:23)
  • Examples of how other people can help (25:53)
  • This group provides more medical services to children than is commonly known (28:15)
  • A patient of Shriners was made famous on America’s Got Talent (33:53)

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