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Health & Wealth E26 Ashley Zamzow

Hosted by: Troy Garcia

June, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the realm of Salt Room Therapy with our guest, Ashley Zamzow, owner of The Salt Room Lakeland. With an intricate understanding of the subject, Ashley shares her experiences with this innovative therapy while providing an informative discourse on the numerous benefits of this alternative treatment.

In this episode we cover:

  • Ashley shares her journey to becoming a respiratory therapist and discovery of salt room therapy (4:04)
  • An explanation of the salt room experience (11:54)
  • This treatment is not the same as flushing the sinuses; it is so much more (15:00)
  • Salt room therapy is a natural combatant to negative ions we are exposed to daily from technology (17:34)
  • A description of the kid’s salt room (22:25)
  • How the rooms are sanitized in-between treatments (24:48)
  • Ashely shares a story of how therapy improved a person’s chronic respiratory condition (26:30)
  • This treatment does not replace medicine; it compliments it (32:50)
  • Pregnant women can try salt room therapy (34:46)
  • The benefits for athletes (36:55)

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Ashley Zamzow – Owner, The Salt Room Lakeland
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