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Health & Wealth E25 Blake Scheidt

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Blake Scheidt

April, 2023

The topic of training for vitality in life is all about developing long-term health goals, maintaining strength, mobility, and overall fitness to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle at any age.
In this episode, we discuss strength and mobility and how they are key components to help maintain physical independence and reduce the risk of chronic conditions as you age.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why are strength and mobility important t long-term health goals (1:39)
  • Staying as mobile as you can will help you avoid injury (4:02)
  • If you remain sedentary, you put yourself at risk of weakened core muscles (8:19)
  • A functional movement screening is step one in mobility training and can tell a coach what muscles are weak and need strengthening (11:34)
  • A good coach is not there to entertain but to safely train you to meet your goals (15:09)
  • Robin shares her most recent training experience (16:25)
  • Coach Blake discusses the first three months of a strength training journey (18:31)
  • Where does aerobic training come into play (22:17)
  • For everyday people, they should use daily activities to get their heart rate up (28:36)
  • Maintaining independence for longer can lead to a better quality of life, which is why strength and mobility training are so important (32:34)
  • Blake’s takeaway advice (37:20)

Check out the 3 mobility test videos below!




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