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Health & Wealth E24 Melissa Iskowitz

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Melissa Iskowitz

March, 2023

The benefit of lymphatic drainage massage for all types of health conditions is the topic in today’s episode. Melissa Iskowitz from Lakeland Medical Massage is back to share her expert opinion on this treatment and who can benefit and should not have this type of massage. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage definition (3:25)
  • How many organs in the body are considered lymphatic organs (7:13)
  • Background of this massage  (11:20)
  • The type of massage will help patients after cosmetic surgery (13:42)
  • The benefits for cancer patients (16:14)
  • How an everyday healthy person can benefit from this treatment (18:34)
  • Something massage patients need to know (23:19)
  • Autoimmune patients will also benefit from this massage (24:24)
  • Is this type of massage beneficial to women that have just given birth (27:50)
  • Unlike other types of massages, one should be active after a lymphatic drainage massage (29:58)
  • Why healthy people need to consider this type of massage (36:20)
  • Why people with congestive heart failure should not get this type of massage (36:58)
  • The other types of massages provided by our guest (38:44)

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