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Health & Wealth E23 Bryan Graydon

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Bryan Graydon

February, 2023

Our guest in this episode is Bryan Graydon, and he shares his fitness journey that started as a tennis coach and evolved into a CrossFit competitor. This retelling is a fascinating story of how not to let injuries sideline you in your journey to staying healthy.

In this episode we cover:

  • Bryan went into education and coached tennis as part of his journey (3:52)
  • Tennis evolved into running around Lake Hollingsworth (5:31)
  • Troy’s participating in a GORUCK Challenge (7:40)
  • After running the NYC Marathon, Bryan started taking marathons seriously (9:52)
  • Bryan’s coach made him a smarter runner (12:57)
  • Two knee surgeries changed Bryan’s passion (18:08)
  • Watching the CrossFit Games sparked an interest (23:40)
  • How Bryan has benefited from Crossfit (28:29)
  • The Million Meter Challenge (33:00)
  • The fitness resources our guest recommends to learn more about fitness (35:21)

Links From the Show:

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The GORUCK Challenge

NYC Marathon

Crossfit Games

Lakeland Running Club

Lake Hollingsworth

Million Meter Challenge

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Bryan Graydon
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