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Risk & Reward E40 with Brad Lunz

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Brad Lunz

February, 2023

In this episode, our guest is Brad Lunz, Chief Executive Officer of The Lunz Group, and we discuss the Apiary,  being creative, the type of intellectual property created during the process, and distributing content.

In this episode we cover:

  • The creative process at The Apiary (1:41)
  • Brand’s background (6:30)
  • How much are clients involved in the development process (11:58)
  • Brad shares some of the stores he is currently working on (15:05)
  • According to our guest, creatives are known for finding the asymptote for production (20:50)
  • Avery, Brad’s daughter, joins the conversation (24:10)
  • Where does the general public find content, and are foreign countries more willing to take a chance on a new show (29:04)
  • Peg & Cat – Brad’s favorite children’s show (32:15)
  • What is the ultimate goal of The Apiary (33:19)
  • An explanation of the logo (spoiler, it’s a cool story) (34:55)
  • Being creative allows you to go to faraway places (38:03)

Links From the Show:

Allen & Company
Intellectual Property
Peg + Cat

Connect with:

Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Holland Henderson
LinkedIn – Holland Henderson

Bradley Lunz – Chief Executive Officer, The Lunz Group, The Apiary
LinkedIn – Bradley Lunz


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