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Limited Edition with Bill Slover

Hosted by: William Slover

September, 2022

Entrepreneurship, innovation, child-rearing, and space travel are topics discussed in this episode with host Bill Slover. Experiences are shared, lessons are learned, and they tie together in an inspirational way.

In this episode we cover:

  • Bill was fascinated watching the first moonwalk on a black and white television as a kid (2:56)
  • Watching rocket launches from the beach is a whole new experience (5:58)
  • Look up JFK’s speech about sending people to the moon and watch it with your children (7:59)
  • The definition of Learned Helplessness (12:20)
  • Children and grandchildren can teach us something important (19:25)
  • The back story of Daymond John’s success and how it’s a lesson in critical thinking (23:42)
  • Bill shares the story of a classmate losing a finger in shop class (28:00)
  • Our cell phones have more computer power than the first rockets launched into space (32:43)
  • Check out the blog “When Someone Gives You the Bird” and be inspired (37:47)

Links From the Show:

Shark Tank
JFK Speech
Critical Thinking
The Real Value Blog

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William Slover – AIF®, CRPC®, CWS®, Vice President, Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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