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Bowlin’s Alley E4 Dr. Hawkins

Hosted by: Dr. Lyle Bowlin Special guest: Dr. Emile Hawkins

December, 2022

The path to servicing others is different for everyone, and this is the topic in this episode with our special guest Dr. Emile Hawkins. We discuss the decisions, time management, and leadership choices it takes to serve others and be successful.

In this episode we cover:

  • Dr. Hawkins’ path to serving others started with the US Marine Corps (1:25)
  • It takes sacrifices to reach success in anything in life (7:43)
  • How Lyle started his MBA degree (10:00)
  • Having self-motivation is the key to long-term success (12:32)
  • As part of a community, we owe it to serve (16:20)
  • Paths to serve are three-dimensional (19:33)
  • No matter what you want to do next in your life, it will take time management and good choices (22:46)
  • Your mindset will determine how happy you are with any choices in life (31:30)
  • Everyone has an opportunity to be a leader, even without a leadership title (33:42)
  • Leaders that make the most significant impact are ones that take the time to relate to others (36:02)
  • Many students think they will receive top-dollar salaries with their new degrees, and this is not always the case (39:10)

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Dr. Lyle Bowlin– Investment Strategist at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Dr. Lyle Bowlin
LinkedIn – Dr. Lyle Bowlin

Emile Hawkins, DSL, MBA, M.A. –  Professor – Ph.D./DSL Program at Southeastern University
Southeastern University  – Emile Hawkins, DSL, MBA, M.A.
LinkedIn – Emile Hawkins


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