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Bowlin’s Alley E3

Hosted by: Dr. Lyle Bowlin

November, 2022

We take a flight to Alaska in this episode, and along the way, we discuss how pilots have the same goals as financial planners, how retail has changed due to the internet, and the correct way to serve others is to walk in their shoes but make sure they are different shoes than your own.

In this episode we cover:

  • How do you adapt to life’s ups and downs (3:57)
  • Airplane pilots and financial advisors plan to deliver you to your destination (8:33)
  • There are very few things in life that only affect you (10:44)
  • Lyle’s previous career in retail (12:14)
  • To be a good steward when serving others, we need a different definition of “service” (16:08)
  • One needs to have the desire to serve to truly help others (19:21)
  • The shift between “click or bricks” when it came to stores (20:44)
  • The new dilemma for the major chain stores (24:36)
  • Gen Z generation may have more online friends than in person (26:56)
  • We need to put ourselves in other’s people’s shoes all the time to properly serve (31:34)
  • Let’s talk about the story of Aaron and his children (34:12)
  • What so many middle managers tempted to do and why (36:36)
  • Sometimes we are too narrow about who we talk to in life to be able to truly help others (37:52)

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