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Risk & Reward E52 Andy McEntire

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Andy McEntire

May, 2024

This captivating episode delves into the intriguing worlds of coffee and documentary filmmaking. Our guest, a successful entrepreneur and filmmaker, shares his unique journey into these diverse industries and reveals how they intersect through storytelling and community impact.

We explore the stark contrasts between the bustling energy of a coffee business and the reflective, narrative-driven process of documentary filmmaking. Despite their differences, our guest emphasizes that both fields demand a commitment to quality and service, highlighting that true success means contributing positively to the community rather than just profiting from it.

In this episode we cover:

  • How our guest chose Lakeland as his home base (3:16)
  • The two companies and how they started (4:02)
  • How much is the coffee business based on the consumer (7:45)
  • How Indie Atlantic Films started, moved to Lakeland, led to our guest’s fulfillment and landed a documentary on Hulu (11:37)
  • Andy talks about a new document he is currently working on (21:35)
  • The pressure to get the facts straight in a documentary is intense (25:48)
  • Original content is a major business, and people forget that sometimes (29:20)
  • The documentary ‘Biggest Little Farm” changed everything in the documentary-making industry (30:30)
  • Niche storytelling has grown (36:16)
  • What encourages Andy about the world around him (40:47)

Links From the Show:

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Devil in the Grove

Books Mentioned in this Show:

Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America, by Gilbert King

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Andy McEntire – Entrepreneur
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