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Risk & Reward E51 Jack Harrell III

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Jack Harrell III

May, 2024

In this episode we delve deep into the green world of fertilizers with a very special guest, Jack Harrell III, President and COO of Harrell’s Inc. Jack, a 4th generation Lakelander, heads a family-owned fertilizing empire that’s been nurturing the industry for 83 years. I’m thrilled to finally have my long-time friend join us to share the rich history of how Harrell’s Inc. began, the pivotal moments that have shaped its journey, and how it transitioned into an employee-owned company. We’ll also uncover the secrets behind their exceptional company culture that has been cultivated over decades

In this episode we cover:

  • Overview of what Harrell’s Inc does (2:15)
  • Do golf courses have a specific way they want their course to look like (4:46)
  • The secret sauce of Harrell’s fertilizer and how it works (6:54)
  • The history of the company (9:31)
  • How long our guest has had a “paid” position at the company, and how he grew up in the business (12:30)
  • The key to good multi-generational family business is self-awareness (17:00)
  • What does the future of the company look like (18:48)
  • Let’s talk about Super Bowl 57 and the grass that various sports are played on (22:10)
  • The generosity of the Harrell’s Company to the community (29:20)
  • How the company keeps the “family atmosphere” (32:20)
  • The one thing our guest wants people to know about Harrell’s Inc. (36:19)

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