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Health & Wealth E15 Lorin Bice

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Lorin Bice

August, 2022

Sleep is the topic in this episode, how important it is to your overall health, and how it is not always easy to get enough every night. The witty Lorin Bice is our guest, and he shares his personal sleeping story and how his life health improved with a CPAP machine.

In this episode we cover:

  • The importance of rest after a workout (4:43)
  • There is a certain amount of negativity about sleeping more (11:07)
  • Horrible side effects from not getting enough sleep (11:58)
  • Your risk of getting Alzheimer’s increases when you do not get enough sleep (13:55)
  • Proper sleep is getting rapid eye movement sleep (15:17)
  • Lorin’s sleep apnea story that led to a sleep study and a diagnosis (20:18)
  • How does a doctor monitor your sleeping progress once you have a CPAP machine (32:12)
  • Our weight affects the pressure needed from a CPAP machine (34:12)
  • Maintenance of a CPAP machine is essential (36:40)

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