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Health & Wealth E14 Blake Scheidt

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Blake Scheidt

July, 2022

Podcasts have blown up online because, from a marketing perspective, they are the perfect channel for all industries to deploy their message. In this episode, we catch up with Blake Scheidt to discuss podcasts and share some of their favorite go-to podcasts.

In this episode we cover:

  • A lot of effect goes into producing a podcast (5:42)
  • Some of our favorite health podcasts (6:48)
  • Three of the top ten shows are about serial killers (8:08)
  • Video with podcasts drive up engagement and popularity (11:00)
  • The top ten podcast series (12:48)
  • Ted Health Talks is one of Troy’s favorite shows to listen to (14:48)
  • Podcasts give us to get the Cliff Notes on books we may have never read (17:58)
  • Blake’s big four podcast series (21:43)
  • Eating protein burns more calories (24:29)
  • Robin’s favorite podcast from Blake is the one about seasons (27:07)
  • Blake lists the podcasts he listens to (29:30)
  • Other Allen & Company podcasts and what they cover (35:16)

Links From the Show:

Allen & Company
Lakeland Athletic Club
Blake’s Podcast on Spotify
Personal Training
Ted Health Podcasts

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Blake Scheidt – Trainer, Health Coach
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