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Health & Wealth E11

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Andrew Longboy

February, 2022

Preparing for a workout is just as important as committing to a regular exercise routine, and individual priming sessions will help people not only have a better workout but a better quality of life. Andrew Longboy is back to expand on the mobility, joints, and learning-to-move conversation from his previous guest podcast.

In this episode we cover:

  • The importance of individual priming stretching sessions (4:20)
  • A Russian Baby Maker move is a good primer exercise to do before a workout (7:14)
  • Do people without a coach know their weaknesses regarding workout form (12:45)
  • A natural position does not always feel natural to each person (14:55)
  • Mirrors do help with practicing good form during a workout and build confidence (16:00)
  • A handstand calls out mobility issues (20:22)
  • Troy’s sports massage experience (29:15)
  • Resistance stretching is a critical part of a sports massage (32:44)
  • Bodybuilders have the best mind-to-muscle connection (36:30)

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Andrew Longboy – Personal Trainer, Lakeland Athletic Club

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