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Health & Wealth E12

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Ray Mai Ngam & Melissa Iskowitz

April, 2022

The mobility conversation continues in this episode with our guests Ray Mai Ngam and Melissa Iskowitz from Lakeland Medical Massage. They provide insights into how to correctly stretch, work out and be aware of your body to slow down elasticity loss in your body and maintain mobility.

In this episode we cover:

  • What makes Lakeland Medical Massage different (4:09)
  • How assessments are done and why (8:23)
  • Body mechanics are critical during the assessment (12:10)
  • Various treatments, like cupping, are offered at this facility that helps improve blood flow and mobility (15:48)
  • How a medical massage helped a client avoid surgery in a relatively short period of time (21:00)
  • What is the Psoas Muscle (27:50)
  • Why individuals starting a workout journey must not forget the synergist muscles (34:00)
  • Is there a way to delay the loss of elasticity of muscles (36:16)

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Ray Mai Ngam –  Owner
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Melissa Iskowitz – Lead Therapist
Lakeland Medical Massage – Melissa Iskowitz

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