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Risk & Reward E36 with Bump Galletta

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Josh "Bump" Galletta

October, 2022

Josh “Bump” Galletta is the guest in this episode to discuss his profession as an artist and how a gender reveal party and a car accident helped launch his successful career.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is the purpose behind the not clean lines in your work (1:36)
  • Comic books inspired Bump to draw (4:49)
  • When did Josh establish the look of his art & how (6:31)
  • A gender reveal party helped launch his business (10:44)
  • The idea of making art and leaving it for anyone to pick up and keep came from a therapy session after a life-changing accident (12:25)
  • Has monetizing your hobby diminished your love of art (18:25)
  • The history of the nickname – Bump (19:29)
  • Has Bump done commissioned work out of Lakeland (22:09)
  • The next step for Bump’s business (30:02)
  • Bump loves to wake up and draw (34:55)

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Josh “Bump” Galletta – Free Lance Illustrator

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