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Risk & Reward E37 with Sittadel

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Joshua Sitta & Trafenia Salzman

September, 2022

The importance of cyber security is the subject of this episode with our guests and co-founders of Sittadel Cyber Security, Joshua Sitta, and Trafenia Salzman. They educate us on the common misconceptions small businesses have regarding cyber security and share the solutions they provide to both large and small companies.

In this episode we cover:

  • People don’t care how cyber security works; they just want to know they’re protected (1:39)
  • How our guests got started in cyber security (1:46)
  • Do people find Sittadel after problems, or are they more proactive (3:30)
  • Norton Antivirus is now malware (5:25)
  • When did it become necessary for a business to have a suite of platforms to be protected (6:39)
  • The exact product Sittadel sells, and it’s not just to big businesses (9:00)
  • What are the requirements for cyber security insurance (14:28)
  • How much do cyber security losses cost Americans (19:04)
  • An explanation of the security laws being passed right now in Florida (23:22)
  • How do you keep your cyber security company on its toes (28:11)
  • Joshua’s favorite malware – I love you – and its history (31:48)
  • Are there enough students graduating in this field to take care of the needs (35:39)

Links From the Show:

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Sittadel Cyber Security
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SOX Audit
Privacy Legislation

Books Mentioned in this Show:

Great by Choice, by Jim Collins

Connect with:

Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Holland Henderson
LinkedIn – Holland Henderson

Joshua Sitta – CIO & Co-Founder, Sittadel Cyber Security
Sittadel Cyber Security – Joshua Sitta
LinkedIn – Joshua Sitta

Trafenia Salzman – CEO & Co-Founder, Sittadel Cyber Security
Sittadel Cyber Security – Trafenia Salzman
LinkedIn – Trafenia Salzman


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