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Health & Wealth E29 Kurt Elmhorst

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Kurt Elmhorst

March, 2024

In this informational episode, we delve into travel’s critical role in bolstering mental health and well-being. With the misconception that travel must always entail extravagant expenses, our discussion aims to dispel such myths, emphasizing how meaningful and rejuvenating trips need not drain your finances. We explore the significance of meticulous travel planning, striking a delicate balance between adhering to a budget and indulging in a vacation that refreshes the mind and soul. Whether it’s a serene getaway to the countryside or an adventurous exploration of a new city, we underline the transformative impact of stepping out of one’s daily routine. Join us as we navigate the art of planning budget-friendly travels that enrich our mental health, proving that the world is within reach for those who prioritize their well-being through the joy of exploration.

In this episode we cover:

  • Shorter local trips provide mental breaks and are easier on the budget (7:19)
  • The factors to consider when planning a trip (10:21)
  • An explanation of “overtourism(11:54)
  • Kurt explains shoulder season (13:13)
  • Cities that suffer from overtourism (17:27)
  • Airline travel tips using apps (26:19)
  • Studies have shown that traveling is great for mental health (32:10)
  • A new airline is coming to Florida and Lakeland is excited (34:01)
  • Kurt is picking more train travel and he explains why (39:00)

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Kurt Elmhorst – CFP®, Senior Vice President at Allen & Company of Florida
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