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67 Fastback Intro

Get ready – Fred is back and he has a new classic car.

Life got away from him for a while, but Fred is back in his happy place with a new car and ready to crank up his vlog series.

  • 1:39 – Fred’s Garage doesn’t work without a car
  • 1:59 – Fred sold the ’71 Stingray and regretted it
  • 2:29 – He always wanted a classic car from the year he was born, so the search began and Fred purchased a ’67 Fastback GTA Mustang
  • 3:00 – Details of the restoration
  • 3:46 – Introduction of the new Mustang
  • 3:59 – Only four thousand cars were made in this color
  • 4:20 – The interior of the car was restored with great care and detail
  • 4:45 – Look at this engine!

Make sure to follow Fred’s Garage as he restarts his series to learn more on the classic car and receive financial tips.

June 2022

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