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Successfully Working From Home

Get ready for Season 2 where Fred addresses the best practices for working from home and shows us his own home office.

In this episode, Fred Lopez of Allen & Company starts off Season 2 with addressing the pandemic’s push for working from home and how best to do so.

  • 0:11 – Take a look at the newest addition to Fred’s Garage, starting off Season 2
  • 0:29 – Fred introduces the topic of working from home successfully and addresses the pandemic
  • 2:02 – First steps to working from home successfully
  • 2:59 – Set ‘Home Office Hours’ and make time for your life
  • 3:25 – Fred urges us to ‘Dress for the Job’ and take regular breaks
  • 4:20 – Don’t tackle personal tasks while at home
  • 4:58 – Exercise regularly! (see Fred’s episode on regular exercise)
  • 5:24 – Create a dedicated office space
  • 6:24 – Fred guides us through his house to his home office space
  • 8:59 – Wrapping up the episode, Fred speaks about the vaccines and working from home successfully

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March 2021

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