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Fred’s Garage talks Health & Wealth

In this episode, Fred Lopez of Allen & Company speaks to us about healthful living and what techniques he uses to stay fit and well.


  • 0:38 – Why is healthful living important to financial planning?
  • 1:18 – Hear a bit about Fred’s professional experience in Fitness and Wellness.
  • 1:34 – From racquet ball to tennis, learn about Fred’s favorite ways to “keep yourself moving”.
  • 3:05 – Ways to stay healthy even when you can’t commit to a time consuming fitness routine.
  • 3:23 – Learn how golf can be a great fitness sport as you get older.
  • 4:18 – Fred recaps how being healthy relates to your financial health.
  • 4:49 – Hear about Fred’s perspective on women and men in regards to healthful living.
  • 5:20 – A challenge to all the couples looking to improve their fitness.

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January 2021

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