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Worth and Purpose: How Travis and Amber Settineri Redefine Value

Working as a financial advisor creates an attitude of assessing value as you move through life.

It starts with assets in the stock market and how much potential there is to profit from a specific holding.

Then, you can move to financial planning, where the value of time and savings are assessed. Should you continue working for another year or two, and would the time lost to work exponentially benefit your retirement? Then, the part that my family gets excited about is when I bring up that every “yes” is something else’s “no.” This means that when you spend money, what is the opportunity cost that’s lost for those same dollars?

But what happens when you break down a person’s value? What is the weight and cost of a human being?

We may see the value through insurance and if that person’s productivity was lost to injury or death. Or the value of influence or affluence gained or lost by being around a particular person.
But that’s not what Travis and Amber Settineri assess as the true value. It’s the soul. An infinite value knit within each person that was put there by their creator.

Travis and Amber embarked on a unique journey with Worth and Purpose, a non-profit that stands out for its full-time ministry operation.

Unlike traditional sources, their funding comes from Travis’ social media persona, “Travis Doodles,” and the crowdfunding it generates. The mission of Worth and Purpose is distinct: to bestow worth and purpose upon those who have been overlooked by society. They don’t just provide aid but collaborate with local non-profits and ministries, such as Gospel Inc., to serve individuals they encounter daily. Their approach also involves sharing these individuals’ stories with the world, inviting others to join their cause.

During my interview with Travis on the Risk & Reward podcast, he shared a deeply personal journey.

He spoke of his realization, after experiencing the emptiness of self-gratification in the entertainment industry, that there was more to life. This profound realization led him and Amber to commit their lives and resources to giving worth and purpose to others. Their journey began with uncertainty, but their unwavering faith in their abilities and their deep desire to serve others propelled them forward.

Worth and Purpose’s presence on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram has been a game-changer for them. Their content, like a refreshing glass of water in a desert of self-promotion, resonates with audiences. They use these platforms not just for promotion but to share the stories of individuals who might otherwise go unheard. Their influence extends beyond their immediate reach, inspiring the next generation to value compassion and care for others.

Travis and Amber’s work is both unique as it is deep and wide. Caring for the individual locally and promoting the value of the soul globally.

March 2024

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