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Summer Portfolio Reconstruction

Fred gives an update on his ’67 Fast Back in this episode and suggests meeting with your financial advisor for a summer portfolio reconstruction.

0:50 – Meet with your advisor to discuss your portfolio reconstruction

1:27 – Even cars need rebuilding from time to time; his ’67 Fast Back is in the shop

2:03 – If you do call or come in to see your advisor, and that advisor is me, it will be great just to see you

2:10 – My father-in-law loves to say, “This too, shall pass” when discussing various social issues, and I believe him

2:31 – Let’s talk about my ’67 Fast Back GTA and the upgrades I have planned

3:52 – Here are some photos of the work being done on my car

Make sure to follow Fred’s Garage as he upgrades his Fast Back so you can stay informed of his progress.

September 2022

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