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Risk & Reward E38 with RFS

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Chelsea & Hal Bolter

December, 2022

The father/daughter duo of Chelsea and Hal Bolter of Regional Facility Service (RFS) are the guest in this episode. They explain the different services they provide to the restaurant industry, its hiring practices to find compatible staff, and the boundary between being Dad and being the boss.

In this episode we cover:

  • What types of services does RFS provide to the restaurant industry (3:56)
  • How often do you provide urgent work repair (7:56)
  • Why the bar area of a restaurant must be remodeled every 2 – 3 years (11:09)
  • What type of skilled labor do you hire (12:31)
  • How does RFS find the skilled labor needed (14:44)
  • Holland took the onboarding test and shared his results (18:15)
  • The three things RFS looks for in new hires (20:15)
  • Where is the boundary line between employee and family (25:16)
  • How Hal manages to see his kids as adults in the family business (28:50)
  • The meaning behind the saying, “No problem, no profit” for RFS (33:25)
  • RFS’s culture (35:00)
  • Does a background in the military help manage the business (36:24)

Links From the Show:

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Personality Test

Connect with:

Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
Allen & Company – Holland Henderson
LinkedIn – Holland Henderson

Chelsea Bolter – Director of Operations with RFS
LinkedIn – Chelsea Bolter

Hal Bolter – Owner, RFS
LinkedIn – Hal Bolter


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