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Health & Wealth E18 Kurt Elmhorst

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Kurt Elmhorst

October, 2022

Our favorite travel guru, Kurt Elmhorst, is back for a third installment of traveling for mental health and the topic is National Parks.

In this episode we cover:

  • We need to regenerate ourselves with travel to reduce the stress in our lives (2:18)
  • National Parks close to Florida (4:23)
  • Alaska has eight national parks, the most of any state (9:22)
  • Only ten thousand people a year visit the Gates of the Arctic National Park (11:38)
  • The discussion turns to the most visited parks in the country (13:45)
  • The parks are suffering from increased visitors due to COVID (15:18)
  • Cairns on trails for wayfinding and can save lives (17:45)
  • Angel’s Landing in Zion is a bucket list location to visit (20:36)
  • Death Valley National Park is an alternative location to see over the popular sites, and it happens to be where Star Wars was filmed (21:58)
  • The beauty of Racetrack Playa and the sailing stones found there (28:48)
  • The “Mighty Five” National Parks in Utah (32:28)

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