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Health & Wealth E19 with Alex Schlindwein

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Alexandra Schlindwein

October, 2022

After many other topics, Troy picks a topic for himself in this episode, and it’s all about Rolex watches. The guest is Alexandria Schlindwein of Kiefer Jewelers. They discuss the history of Rolex and Kiefer Jewelers, how the demand for watches has grown due to social media, and why the Rolex company donates around 90% of its profits to various charities through its foundation.

In this episode we cover:

  • The history of the jewelry store (2:50)
  • The Rolex watch demand has grown in the last few years due to social media (6:35)
  • A used Rolex may cost more than a new one (13:00)
  • Did you know the Rolex company is a nonprofit and donates 90% of their profits – a fact that they do promote (19:20)
  • Explanation of an exhibition model (19:46)
  • The average age of a Rolex buyer has come down (24:40)
  • Alexandria & Troy discuss some of their favorite watch models (31:30)
  • The other brands carried at the store and how they compare to Rolex (35:34)
  • The story of a break-in and the jewelry store making the news (38:35)

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Alexandria Schlindwein, Director of Marketiing at Kiefer Jewelers
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