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Health & Wealth E20 CYCLEdelic

Hosted by: Troy Garcia Special guest: Mary Marcia Brown

November, 2022

Have you ever wanted to add cycling to your exercise routine? Well, this episode is for you. I have Mary Marcia Brown of CYCLEdelic in the studio, and we talk about the benefits of cycling. We discuss how she started in this sport and how her competitive itch set her on a path to set not one Guinness World Record but two!

In this episode we cover:

  • How CYCLEdelic started (1:45)
  • What is an Ultra Marathon (3:57)
  • How our guest prepared and recovered from setting Guinness World Record number one (9:50)
  • Classes at CYCLEdelic are not typical (14:11)
  • What one should wear for class and why (18:00)
  • The options provided by CYCLEdelic (21:55)
  • What CYCLEdelic provides to track progress goals (24:30)
  • Cycling with CYCLEdelic offers community support and is a fantastic cross-training option (29:30)
  • The second world record achieved by our guest (32:59)
  • Outdoor cyclers come to the studio for hill work (36:36)

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Mary Marcia Brown – Owner, CYCLEdelic
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