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Risk & Reward Podcast Episode 4

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Kolby Nance

July, 2021

In this episode, we’re going to discuss how the mental health stigma has changed over the years, the contributing factors that increase overall anxiety, and how there is a direct correlation between financial health and overall wellness. Anxiety triggers can range from social media use, spending habits, and financial trauma. Having a confidant to help identify these triggers can help navigate the waters to manage anxiety and increase overall mindfulness.

In this episode we cover:

• What does mental counseling look like? (1:51)
• Who do you help? (3:05)
• Balance of the mind should be paid attention to (5:22)
• The need for “wholeness” (6:30)
Mainstream media helped bring awareness to mental health (8:24)
• Current culture is shaping mental health (10:37)
• Social media puts the gas peddle on the stress (13:45)
• Internal realities and external presentation (16:28)
How open can you be about finances? (18:44)
• How do we make decisions about money? (23:00)
• Being generous is part of mental wellness (29:33)
• Regarding money, context is a big thing in decision making (32:54)
Find encouragement in life (35:45)

Links From the Show:

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Kolby Nance – M.A., LMHC 17118, Porter’s Sound Counseling
Porter’s Sound Counseling

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