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Risk & Reward Podcast Episode 5

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Angel & Ashley

July, 2021

Generosity is the topic of discussion in this episode, what it is, and how it can make a difference in someone’s life. Our guests share personal stories of how they grew up seeing examples of charity and how these experiences have shaped their life. Giving back to the community can be monetary donations, both large and small, or the gift of your time, but both can the potential to make a difference in the same way.

Whether it is financial or emotional generosity, these small acts of kindness add up to significant changes and, in the end, enrich everyone’s life for the better.

In this episode we cover:

Generosity – what does it mean to you? (3:30)
• How do the things around you affect your view of charity? (7:29)
• Generosity can be as simple as having patience (9:53)
• Being present and meeting a need for someone (11:10)
• Angel’s homeless experience (13:18)
• The uniqueness of our stories shapes how a charity is viewed (16:07)
• Ashley’s view of how our stories shape our view of generosity (17:11)
How does philanthropy bring us together (23:00)
• The risk of generosity is worth the reward of making a difference for someone (27:24)
Do the small gifts matter? (33:58)

Links From the Show:

Allen & Company
United Way of Central Florida
Volunteers in Service to the Elderly
Lighthouse Ministry

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Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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Angel Davis – Librarian, Larry R. Jackon Branch Library
Larry R. Jackson Branch Library

Ashely Troutman Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company
LinkedIn – Ashely Troutman

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