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Risk & Reward E26

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Angela Iacoboni

June, 2022

The guest in this episode is a long-time friend of Holland, and she shares her inspirational story of how she went from being a social worker to creating a new school to meet the needs of as many children as she can reach.

In this episode we cover:

  • Angela’s professional story from social worker to a counselor (1:25)
  • Why it’s essential to have goals in counseling (4:40)
  • How Law & Order inspired Angela to become a forensic interviewer working with victims of sexual abuse (5:35)
  • The shocking sexual abuse statistic (7:24)
  • How a leadership change put Angela on the path to her own counseling business (8:00)
  • Angeal’s latest venture is creating a school with a supportive environment that is affordable and more accessible (14:45)
  • How the school model evolved based on the student’s needs (25:30)
  • Angela is now a teacher at the school she helped create, and it’s a labor of love (29:19)
  • Where Angela sees the school in five years (31:36)
  • The goal is to share the school blueprint with other communities (35:24)
  • The curriculum is mastery-based (37:29)

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