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Risk & Reward E25

Hosted by: Holland Henderson Special guest: Chris Hammond

April, 2022

This episode touches on many topics that impact everyday life: college football, the Olympics, the NFL, supply chain problems, the Russian invasion, and high oil prices. These issues have one commonality – uncertainty, and this uncertainty involves the bottom line of Main Street.

In this episode we cover:

  • Does the Bulldog championship overshadow the Chief’s loss (6:16)
  • Who do you think will be Brady’s replacement (7:11)
  • One could argue that the Rams used the baseball playbook to win a Super Bowl (10:58)
  • What to watch now that football is over (11:35)
  • The Russian invasion (15:59)
  • The cure to high prices is high prices (21:39)
  • As risk increases, our required return increases (22:24)
  • How does the Fed Rate affect our day to day (25:47)
  • Why does raising interest rates help combat inflation (27:57)
  • The prices of houses in the coming years (31:36)
  • The U.S. economy massively under-built homes from 1009 – 2019 (32:49)
  • Thoughts on freedom and fear (35:38)
  • Behavioral Finance conversation (38:05)

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