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Bowlin’s Alley Episode 6

Hosted by: Dr. Lyle Bowlin

July, 2023

In the first installment of our two-part series, we embark on an enlightening conversation on artificial intelligence. This episode transcends conventional discussions, drawing intriguing analogies with sound waves, vision, piano pedals, and complex mathematical concepts.

Dr. Bowlin masterfully simplifies this complicated subject, laying a comprehensive foundation for our next segment. His expert explanation allows anyone to understand AI’s immense significance and potential impact on our future. This high-level dialogue promises to enhance your grasp of this transformative technology.

In this episode we cover:

  • What did ChatGPT answer when asked for a list of questions for a podcast on quantum mechanics (3:17)
  • When did the Artificial Intelligence conversation begin (6:07)
  • We naturally breakdown wave patterns into pure tones (12:53)
  • Recap of Quantum Theory (15:50)
  • Color vision requires three kinds of receptor proteins (16:24)
  • Quantum Mechanics is very much in your face, but if we as humans could tap into our potential, we could see more colors (19:25)
  • Dr. Bowlin explains why some Ph.D. degree holders, like himself, never apply that education to something useful (25:15)
  • We lose a lot of knowledge and interaction when we utilize technology too much, and it’s a loss we can’t afford (29:17)
  • We new technology is introduced to the masses, it’s exciting, but the idea and hardware are way ahead of this initial feeling (33:29)

Links From the Show:

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Books Mentioned in this Show:

Quantum Supremacy: How the Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything By Michio Kaku

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Dr. Lyle Bowlin– Investment Strategist at Allen & Company
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