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Health Hacks for a Refreshing Summer Reset

health hacksDoes anyone else feel like the past five to six months have been crazier and faster than usual, or is it just me? May brings in a new chaos of planning for your kids being out of school for the next couple months, graduations, summer vacation, or trying to keep your email inbox from spiraling out of control and not forgetting to drink enough water every day! I know I’m especially guilty of the last two. 

As we’re in the middle of the year and heading into the dog days of summer, you may have fewer obligations than you did in May. Now is a great time to reset and make the next six months better than the last by implementing these health hacks:

Focus on getting healthy sleep every night and sticking to a schedule.

In the summer, your routine may ebb and flow more than usual as your figure in fun vacations or not having as many events as the spring probably brought. Summer is the perfect time to set—or reset—your sleep routine. By ensuring you get a healthy amount of sleep, you feel more ready to take on the day and it is correlated with better decision-making, mood, and health. Schedule that sleep!

health hacks

Take a digital/screen detox. (After reading this blog, of course.)

I just learned about this phenomenon called “email apnea.” Have you heard of it?! A famous researcher and former Microsoft and Apple executive named Linda Stone discovered the phenomenon. According to an article from Psychology Today, “Stone noticed that a majority of people (possibly 80 percent) unconsciously hold their breath, or breathe shallowly when responding to email or texting.” Our bodies could benefit from separating from the screen occasionally, whether it’s for an hour or two every day. Consider using that time to connect with a loved one by engaging in activities that don’t involve screens, such as going to the park or grabbing a cup of coffee or dinner together. 

Get outside!

health hacksOne great thing about the summer is that the sun sets later! Many Floridians, like myself,  may feel slightly less enthused by that fact. However, it is nice for the sun to be out after you wrap things up at work in the evening. That gives you more time to get a nice evening walk in or jump in the pool, a personal favorite of mine in the summer. Take a little time to enjoy Mother Nature and refresh! 

Hack your summer to make it your best yet, and I’ll be right there with you. OK, starting my screen detox now…

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