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Kids & Money E13

Hosted by: Chad Jones Special guest: Holland Henderson

April, 2022

Fellow advisor Holland Henderson is the guest for this episode, and he shares who influenced him as a father, the high standard he holds himself to, and how money lessons were taught to him a kid.

In this episode we cover:

  • Who influenced Holland as a dad (3:49)
  • Financial lessons Holland was taught as a kid (7:20)
  • Understanding fairness regarding money is the big lesson in the Holland household (15:28)
  • Parents can share money lessons younger than they think (18:00)
  • Money is such a big part of life (26:01)
  • Holland recalls a great piece of marital advice (27:30)
  • Don’t wait until your child is ready for college to teach the difficulty of money and budget; start the lessons early, so you aren’t playing catch-up (31:45)
  • Teaching kids to budget their time leads to teaching them opportunity cost (35:25)
  • Holland’s Christmas story blog (37:20)

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Holland Henderson – Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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