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Kids & Money E14

Hosted by: Chad Jones Special guest: Bill Slover

June, 2022

In this episode, we get to know the personal side of Bill Slover. He shares his love of playing the bugle, topics he covers in his blogs, and how he teaches budgeting money to clients and their children.

In this episode we cover:

  • Bill’s musical influences (2:55)
  • Bill shares his family makeup and how budgeting was taught in his home (3:50)
  • The lessons learned from his mom are the ones he still uses to this day (7:50)
  • How Bill taught his daughter to budget money (11:24)
  • Tracking your spending by writing it down is critical in learning how to manage your money (14:00)
  • What age did financial lessons start with your daughter (16:55)
  • Bill approached teaching his granddaughter about living on a budget with a Target gift card (23:15)
  • Do clients’ children ever ask how to learn about managing their money (25:52)
  • Why do you hold a generational wealth conversation with the children of your clients early (30:12)
  • The average inheritance is spent inside eighteen months (32:38)
  • Some individuals value travel and experience versus a hefty paycheck or material possessions (36:17)

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Chad Jones – CFP®, D.B.A., Financial Advisor at Allen & Company
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William Slover – Vice President, Financial Advisor, AIF®, CRPC®, CWS® Allen & Company of Florida, LLC
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