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Kids & Money E12

Hosted by: Chad Jones

April, 2022

Chad’s family, Paola, Jackson, and Isa, join us in the studio in this episode to discuss the lessons about money, what has “stuck” so far, and how these will help them in their future.

In this episode we cover:

  • Isa defines rich and what it means to her (3:15)
  • A funny recall of the sweepstakes game between mother and daughter (4:40)
  • Jackson shares his first application of a lesson to save up for a PlayStation 4 and how it made him feel (6:45)
  • Paola shares the money lessons she grew up with as a child and adult (8:34)
  • Isa gives her understanding of opportunity cost (12:11)
  • Robin asks how the lemonade stand lesson went for Jackson and Isa (13:48)
  • Jackson & Isa discuss their money worries about leaving for college (18:17)
  • The kid’s earliest memory about creating a budget (20:00)
  • What ages did Jackson & Isa learn about budgeting (25:15)
  • Chad asks his children if he is a “stickler” for time, and laughter ensues (26:50)
  • Isa & Jackson talk about the card their Dad gave them and what it means (30:57)
  • Paola shares the necessary communication in a relationship and her favorite part of the process (37:15)
  • Final thoughts on the series (39:00)

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Books Mentioned in this Show:

The Best Question Ever, by Andy Stanley

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