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Kids & Money E11

Hosted by: Chad Jones

April, 2022

Communication is vital for personal finances, especially a joint personal budget, and in this episode, we wrap up the lessons with tips on how to teach your kids about sharing a budget.

In this episode we cover:

  • There will be growing pains implementing a joint personal budget for the first time (3:36)
  • What does a shared budget look like (4:48)
  • Never lose sight of the emotional and relational part of finances (10:54)
  • The personal budget lesson did NOT go so smoothly with Chad’s children (17:17)
  • The best lesson with money is when you EARN the money (18:53)
  • Kids learn differently regarding a personal budget depending on which stage they are in – elementary, middle or high school (24:12)
  • Wrapping up the series with a recap of the five lessons (30:00)
  • Robin’s favorite lesson (31:08)
  • Chad’s story of buying a car and the questions he asked himself during the process (33:00)
  • Learning how to manage your money can be the most important force multiplier in your life (38:29)

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