Health and Wealth: Personal and Financial Fitness by Troy Garcia

Living healthy (and wealthy) is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires decades of dedication, passion, and perhaps a little help to the finish line along the way.

Troy Garcia is enthusiastic about sports, having had a career in high school and collegiate baseball, but it’s more than just the wins. This helped Troy learn the value of being a team player and staying strong until the game is won.

He brings this attitude to The Marathon, delivering insightful tips – from the perspective of a CFP® –fueled with a sporty edge. His goal is to help you achieve gains with your financial fitness and financial health (without losing focus on that one rep max or golf swing you’re working on!)

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How financial fitness is just like working out

As my wife Kristen and I go down the racetrack of life, we continue to seek out and accomplish new athletic achievements on a regular basis. It might be a relaxed run or a 12 hour GoRuck challenge – no matter what, we support each other to eat and live healthy. In fact, since we’re […]

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