Go Greenhow: Financial tips rooted in the Florida community

Eric Greenhow – MBA, CFP®, CFA®, Financial Advisor

Eric Greenhow has the know-how to navigate your financial needs, no matter how unique. Eric has been with Allen & Company since 2003 and is a Certified Wealth Strategist™ as well as a CFP® and a CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST®. He’s recognized for his industry leadership by American Funds, Hartford, Prudential, and others.

What’s truly important for Eric is getting down to his roots in the Florida community – this is the core of Go Greenhow.

Eric is known for his specialized advice on investment and insurance management, as well as retirement and income planning.

He’s also unique for his experience in the agricultural space. Eric can provide unique assistance to farm businesses, ranch operations, and more. It’s a tough job managing an agricultural business, but Go Greenhow is there to make the journey of living off the land a bit easier. Read More About Eric

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