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A State of Hope

Hope and ResiliencyWith this year’s Economic Forecast Breakfast themed around hope and resilience, I’ve been tasked with offering some ideas and thoughts around what provides those strengths in my life—and I believe these few things can enhance your life as well.

First and foremost, I feel blessed to know The Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. I count on him daily. He is my source of optimism and hope when the world around me seems difficult. A quick prayer to The Lord can happen at any point throughout your day that you need strength. He will carry you and provide a mental boost when you need it most.

Hope and ResiliencyThe people around me also play a huge role in my ability to remain resilient in the face of hard times.

My family, coworkers, clients, friends, business acquaintances, and others work so hard on my behalf and help me in many ways. For this, I am thankful. Truthfully, we get to where we are in life in large part because of those around us. I am incredibly blessed. The people I am surrounded by are fantastic and continue to inspire and support me as needed.

Hope and ResiliencyLastly, we are fortunate to live in Florida during such a traumatic and unusual time in our country’s history.

It’s a very different story in other states. Residents of other states are governed in ways that challenge the ability to work and provide an income. They are pressured and even required to make decisions about their health that are not in alignment with their belief systems and restricted from being with family and friends because of lockdowns. Floridians are experiencing quite the opposite. The leadership in Florida maintains that the decisions of this nature should be left up to each individual and that we need to be respectful of choice where our health is concerned. That gives me the hope that I need to remain resilient in the face of negativity and pessimism and to fight for our freedom as much as I personally can.

As we continue to navigate these challenging times, I wish for you a phenomenal 2022, a strengthened spiritual relationship, more robust friendships, and continued freedom!

January 2022

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