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Annual Financial Wellness Checkups & Second Opinions

Having a career in the health and wellness industry yourself, you certainly understand the importance of routine health checkups to ensure your body is doing well and that it’s on the right track for long-term health.  Taking the right steps today, and monitoring your physical wellness, improves your odds of a healthy, happy life.

Do you take this same approach for the long-term success of your financial goals with an annual financial wellness checkup?

We often come across clients who get a life insurance policy to protect their family, but then they forget about it for years, never really taking the time to review it and make sure it still meets their needs. Or, they contribute money into their 401(k) plan each paycheck but never really stop to calculate their future retirement.  Are you saving enough, or are you saving the proper amount? Have you contributed to IRA’s, Health Savings Accounts, or other tax-advantaged accounts to make the most of any reductions in income tax that are available?  Perhaps you have disability insurance policies or life insurance policies, where there could be some cost savings to you by requoting the policy with other carriers. These are all topics that will come up for discussion during a checkup meeting with your financial planner.

We stress to our clients that you should find time, at least once per year, if not twice per year, to sit down and review all the aspects of your financial life to do the best you can to plan for a successful, “healthy” future retirement and lifestyle.  Your Allen & Company financial planning team can help you pursue your financial wellness goals.

Get a second opinion.

In addition, it’s common in the healthcare industry for patients to seek second opinions when they require major medical treatment—it can’t hurt.  Healthcare is both an art and a science, so getting input from a few medical professionals before making a life-altering decision is often prudent.  The same applies to your investments and financial planning.  If your investments and insurance policies are being frequently and thoroughly reviewed, that’s ideal; if they are not, however, you might seek the advice of an additional financial professional who can act as a sounding board, review your current plan and provide you with a valuable second opinion.

We invite you to call or email us today to arrange a confidential meeting.

November 2021

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