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Financial Advisor Spotlight: Buddy Mason

empty chair with spotlight shiningLast month’s edition of our team’s Go Greenhow blog introduced the readers to an advisor on the “Greenhow-Steedley-Mason” team – Blake Steedley.  Continuing in that same vein, this month we want to highlight the other experienced advisor on our team – Buddy Mason.

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Buddy grew up as a basketball fanatic. By the time he was in high school — if he wasn’t on a basketball court — he was somewhere learning all he could about the world of business, finance, and investments. This led to Buddy obtaining his first securities license when he was only 18 years old. He bought his first home (with no money down) at 19. Soon thereafter, he owned several rental properties and earned his degree in finance by the age of 21.

portrait of Buddy MasonSince then, Buddy has owned a mortgage company, a real estate investment company, an insurance agency and several other businesses. At the same time, he was coaching high school and college basketball, never forgetting his passion. This real-world business experience and broad financial services background — plus his “coaching” mentality — makes Buddy anything but your “run-of-the-mill” financial advisor.

Buddy is not only well-versed in financial planning and investments. He assists his clients with anything from creative financing strategies for buying real estate, to opening, operating, or selling a small business along with many other areas related to personal finance.

Buddy and his family/friendsFor example, when Buddy has a discussion with a small business owner about things like overcoming daily challenges or setting up an employee retirement plan, he’s not simply repeating something he read in a book or saw online. His direction is coming from years of experience as a business owner himself. In fact, chances are — regardless of your financial situation — Buddy has the knowledge and experience to guide you with useful, practical advice.

Buddy loves going on adventures with his wife, Heather, and spending time with their 8 children. He is also an active member of Lakes Church in Lakeland, FloridaContact Buddy to schedule an appointment and put his 30+ years of financial services experience to work for you.


October 2020

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